Massaging Babies Feet

In its simplest form, reflexology is foot massage. Foot massage is a stimulant for all the internal organs. Most people benefit from the holistic reflexology as it treats not just individual symptoms but the whole body. The therapy effects are unique for each person and is suitable for all age groups, be it a tiny baby or an elderly.

Of the five senses, the one that’s most developed at birth is touch. Massging the feet can be therapeutic and very relaxing; you are not the only one with a craving for a rubdown that’s soothing. From the research done, it’s suggested that there are huge benefits that accompany infant massage. These benefits help the baby thrive and grow.

Get to know your baby’s signals first. Forcing massage time on your baby is not a good idea. There are times that you dont want to be touched; it’s the same with babies. It may not be the best time for a massage if the baby turns away from you, squirms away and is fussy. Distract the baby, if this is the case, with play or singing and try again. As you do this, look out for any cues. You’ll find that there are preferences that your baby has on the certain body areas being touched, for or against.

An over stimulated or over tired baby will find the massage settling and calming depending on which parts of the foot are worked on. There are strokes that are used in helping with teething, sinus and head issues as well as feeding discomforts. The above image provides you with just a simple overview on how the feet can be worked.

Steps to follow in Infant Foot Massaging

  1. Start the massage one foot at a time after warming some oil in your hands.

  2. Hold your baby’s foot and starting at the ankle, slide down towards the toes with your hand, firmly but at the same time gently. Do this several more times.

  3. Again in your hand, take the baby’s foot and squeeze gently along the top of the foot between your fore finger and thumb heading toward the toes. Do this again.

  4. Using your left hand, hold the baby’s ankle gently rotating the foot in small circles, with your right hand. Repeat in the other direction.

  5. Flex the baby’s foot backward and forward gently in just the same position.

  6. Press along the baby’s foot beginning at the base of the heel and up towards the toes with the use of your thumb.

  7. Underneath the baby’s toes, make small circles on the ball by using the pads of your thumb.

  8. With the “This Little Piggy” style, squeeze every little toe gently.

  9. Massage circles around the ankle using your forefinger tips and with both thumbs on the heel’s bottom.

  10. With the baby’s foot held in your hand, squeeze gently, sliding from ankles to toes while making sure that the bottoms and tops are gently pressed. Do this again severally.

  11. As often as you and your baby would like, go through the whole process or certain steps again.

Do not over think it. You are certainly not chained into following any kind of work or routine for any period of time that’s set. There is no wrong way to massage your baby. There are days that you may get just one leg massaged before the baby decides no more will do. This is no big deal! Heighten the sensory experience by smiling, singing and talking to your baby when massaging him/her. You and your baby will have the chance to fully relax and enjoy the massage. Go with the flow and enjoy yourself



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