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The majority of running injuries occur from over training. Avoid doing too much too soon. Your progress in mileage and speed should be a gradual one. An unrelenting increase in mileage from one week to the next will ultimately result in a break down. It is important to keep in mind the principle of hard days and easy days being interspersed and also hard and easy weeks. Mileage should usually only be increased approximately 10 per cent per week. Every third week, you should drop back a small amount.

Doctors at the Taipei Medical University tested 18 patients with type 2 diabetes who were suffering from Neuropathy (nerve related foot pain). The patients were spilt into 2 groups, one group received the Botox while the other received saline water injections. The group were injected with 12 injections of Botox into the skin across the top of the foot.

The patients were analyzed at the beginning of the study and on an average pain score of 0-10 their score was 6.36. After 12 weeks of Botox injections the average score was 2.53 and the patients who were having the saline injections had no noticeable pain reduction. 44% of the patients have a reduction of 3 points in their score over 12 weeks.

Patients were also able to sleep better as the neuropathic diabetic foot pain was reduced. The doctors concluded that this may be an effective treatment method for diabetics but further research concerning the optimal dosage and precise treatment options need further investigation.

Botox injections can also be used to treat excessively sweaty feet (hyperhidrosis), this procedure is provided by our clinic in Central Birmingham but should be considered after conservative methods have not resulted in a adequate outcome. Visit http://birminghamchiropodist.co.uk/Botox-Injection-Sweaty-Feet-Birmingham.htm


This video is about all the possible conservative options for sweaty feet.




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"...looking forward to receiving my second pair of Dr Foot Insoles as they have done wonders for my feet. I've been working up to 11-12 hr. a day in a packing factory and have had no pain in my arch area, they feel great!"

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